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UdonThani Land Sales

Welcome to Visit us in UdonThani north Thailand

We sell our land Direct to the Buyer and Cut Costs We can also Build Houses and farms to Order or  Eco Farms and Fishing lakes  Your Choice.
+66 0868 592 986 
We can build you a Dream House in 8 Weeks

 We Offer land direct for sale in                             UdonThani 

We offer land for sale Direct to the Buyers with no middlemen what so ever. We also do Building work.

UdonThani land sales Direct with Finance. Whatever size of land you need we can help up to 300 rai
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UdonThani land Sales 

We offer land for sale at Affordable prices 30% less than other local prices. We also include land office Fees 50% Share.   We have accommodation as well in UdonThani

Self Finance Available from the seller +66 0868 592 986

                      We have land for sale now in UdonThani 

    We have large and small plots of land for sale in UdonThani  The land is in Na kha UdonThani North

    Welcome to come and View the land we have for sale in  UdonThani Self Finance Available from owner

Land we have for sale today 

  We can offer deals fiance 

We offer land Direct and low cost and offer Building work and men to help set up the land for your Use.
0868 592 986    

Welcome to View our land 

We have many Choices of land for sale in UdonThani

Large and Small plots for sale   We have from Stock today
+66 0868 592 986

3 rai farm

We have a 3 rai farm
With outbuildings and Building plot
for sale today  790,000 baht
0868 592 986

1.25 Rai 

This land is 270,000 baht includes land office Fees.
0868 592 986
We can build anything on the land you like to order  


5 Rai for sale 990,000 baht

price includes Transfer Fees
0868 592 986
We also offer a Building service  with land sales

30 Rai for sale

Open to offers +66 0868 592 986
This land we can split into 6 blocks or less if you cant afford 30 rai

4 rai for sale 799,000 baht

Nice Fertile land for small Holding in UdonThani
If you require more land we can offer a deal

13 rai for sale

Nice farm for sale 13 rai. 2,2 Million baht includes Transfer fees
We offer a building service with this sale 
Local House Builders
0868 592 986  
This land can be paid up

Working farm

This Farm is ready to use today
The land is 3 rai 
If you need less land we can lower the price
790.000 baht
0868 592 986

2 Rai farm 

2 rai farm for sale 590.000 baht
0868 592 986
Building service with this sale if required

Condo Unit for sale

Condo Unit for sale 1 double bedroom living room kitchen Fully furnished  1.5 million baht


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